Our team is here to help you develop the reliable & innovative applications that will further your business and work out in the big bad world. It’s our job to work hard to understand your organisation’s requirements and design a solution that is:

  • Easy to use
  • Scalable to future growth and
  • Utilises leading technology

If you already have an application that is partially meeting your needs, we can undertake a review to assess its suitability and identify areas for improvement and implement changes.

We believe getting the right IT strategy for your business or organisation is essential to ensuring future growth and capacity. Whether you are a Commercial Enterprise, Government Agency, Community Service Organisation or Family owned business - we have the right experience to partner with you.

Our process is simple. We will:
  • Consult and workshop with your team to understand everyone’s requirements
  • Clarify your goals/ strategic objectives
  • Work too budget
  • Be clear on the must haves and the don’t needs
  • Develop a strategy that is tailored to your business written in your language
  • Present the strategy in the format you require ( we can do this by handing it over to you or working with you to present to your executive or board).
  • Then we can help you action the plan.

All of our team members are capable, qualified Project Managers. We are PRINCE2 and Agile certified practitioners (not FUN) but don’t worry – we are good at working with people on the ground to produce outputs, not Gantt charts.

What we can do is:
  • Manage Projects and Programs
  • Provide Project Governance
  • Conduct project Reviews
  • Provide Project Support

We make sure that we keep everything as simple as possible, ensure you have the right project management style for your project and we won’t over engineer everything. We promise.

Security is, and always should be a focus area for your business. Your client and internal information needs protection. Given security is a Federal Government priority for Small and Medium sized Enterprises, SOAR Solutions can work with you to ensure that you have the right security for the size and type of organisation that you are now and into the future.

We are across the latest trends in Security and the latest threats, and we can make sure your coverage is reliable.

We provide:
  • Security audits
  • Penetration testing
  • Regular monitoring and reporting
  • Business Continuity and Disaster Response planning
  • Disaster support

If you’re not sure about security talk to us we will give you a 1 hour free consultation to get you up to speed and point you in the right direction.